Benvenuto in HyperBowling

Welcome to HyperBowling: Where Everyone Wins!

HyperBowling is Game Changer. It’s big scores and even bigger smiles. It’s a lot of laughs and lots of fun. It’s having the time of your life and celebrating with the ones you care about.  Because when you’re HyperBowling, everyone wins!

What’s Your Winning Story?

  • Hyper Hour After Work

    Hyper Hour After Work

    Cynthia was in charge of finally getting her group of friends together to have some fun. She found a place where everyone wins. A night full of high scores and high fives. Lots of laughs and lots of fun. Cocktails…and a little competition. Joe won bragging rights and his friends had the night of their life. #Everyonewins

  • Their First Hyper Shot

    Their First Hyper Shot

    Sara wanted to spend some quality time with her daughter. She quickly learned that no gutter balls mean big scores and even bigger smiles for her little one. And her daughter Jessica finally got to be part of the game—and win big! Creating memories and having fun. #a

  • Time to Squad Up

    Time to Squad Up

    Sometimes “teambuilding” gets extra competitive. And this Happy Hour, Greg decided it was time for the IT team to show the Sales group who was boss. But even though Sales took this week’s crown, Greg knew they could come up with a new strategy and squad up again next week! #Everyonewins

Catch the Hype

Catch the Hype

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