Cinergy Tulsa, Oklahoma's first all dine-in cinema.

Movies, bowling, games, escape rooms: Cinergy Tulsa is the future of entertainment options


As of April 9, Tulsa, Oklahoma received its newest local resident, Cinergy Entertainment.  Located at 6808 S. Memorial Drive, it is not merely a movie theater. It’s a 62,00 square-foot entertainment center, and it’s unlike anything the city has seen in the way that it offers unique options for all ages. 

One of these unique options is the 14 lanes of bowling which feature the revolutionary new way to  bowl, HyperBowling! It’s the perfect blend of bowling and gaming. The lights on the bumpers create moving targets that players aim to hit (or avoid). Each game has its own unique set of challenges and levels and includes video game elements never seen in bowling.  No more gutter balls; every shot counts!

Company CEO Jeff Benson was a founder of dine-cinema pioneer Movie Tavern in 2001, which was later sold to Cinemark.  With Cinergy he adopted the idea to diversify the entertainment offerings.  It’s a plan that attracts crowds ranging from families or groups of friends and couples on date-nights to birthday parties and corporate outings.

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