What's the Hype?

Elevated bowling for everyone

HyperBowling is a revolutionary new bowling-based attraction that is built to extend the fun of the existing bowling venues to everybody and not only to skilled bowlers.

HyperBowling combines the fun of bowling with video game-like technology to create an action-packed and fun new way to bowl where there are no more gutterballs!
To start playing choose your HyperBowling Venue and your accomplices and start the fun. Aim the multiplier targets and avoid the ones that would reset your score. Level up while you play to unlock hardest levels and elevate your HyperBowling experience. Have fun winning, as with HyperBowling anyone can play and win! 


Play the Game

Hit The Target!

Colorful Targets are Multipliers

Each Pin Knocked Down = 100

Multiplier x (pins hit x 100) = score

"3x" x (9pins x 100) = 2700

Beware of FOULS. Throw too hard or too fast and it's a ZERO

Hit Anything Red and your Score is ZERO

Master the Challenges and Level Up!

Our Games

  • Play video HyperBowl


    HyperBowl is fun and challenging! Take aim at the colored targets on the lanes and multiply your pinfall! It may look easy at first, but watch out! Each level increases in difficulty!

  • Play video HyperBowl Pro

    HyperBowl Pro

    HyperBowl Pro picks up where HyperBowl leaves off and features more complex targets that move and change size. The greater level of difficulty makes HyperBowling more challenging.

  • Play video HyperSquad


    HyperSquad is a strategic team game that is different every time! Each team uses their own strategy and skill to claim territory on the playing field and try to outplay their opponent!

  • Play video HyperActive


    HyperActive is a wild and crazy game with fast changing colored targets. Watch out for the Hyper mascot, Buster, who suddenly makes your score disappear when one of his RED targets are hit. Hit the 10X multiplier and earn the Golden Buster. HyperActive allows bowlers to become part of the onscreen animation by capturing bowler photos.


Frequently Asked Questions


HyperBowling delivers a challenging and competitive game that is easy to learn and easy to play. It takes 15 seconds to understand and a lifetime to master. No matter who you are, you can get in on the game! Consider the playing field leveled.


HyperBowling is a great choice for kids. In fact, they may even beat the adults. HyperBowling is very engaging and amusing and since it is one ball per turn, it is fast paced. For children 12 and under, we suggest HyperActive. The game has a luck element, and they may find that they get a few “lucky” shots that puts them in 1st place!


Each game has multiple levels that start off easier and get progressively more challenging. The earliest levels and first levels are easier so you can become familiar with the game. As you progress, the levels get more challenging and new elements are introduced. If you find the early levels too easy, let us know – we can start you off on a higher level or suggest you try HyperBowl Pro.

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