What is HyperBowling?

HyperBowling is a revolutionary new bowling-based attraction that is built to extend the fun of the existing bowling venues to everybody and not only to skilled bowlers.

HyperBowling combines the fun of bowling with video game-like technology to create an action-packed and fun new way to bowl where there are no more gutterballs!
No matter who you are, you can play and win!

Start the Hype!

Grab a few besties, your colleagues, your neighbours, your bank clerk or even your boss to the nearest HyperBowling center and challenge them to get the highest HyperScore in HyperBowl, HyperBowl Pro (if you're the real MVP), to conquer the territory with HyperSquad or take a chance with HyperActive and hope you're not meeting Buster on your way, otherwise he'll take your score away ("omnomnom", Buster 2018).

Join the HyperParty

HyperBowling community is Fun and always want to party. Check out the event list on the HyperBowling Facebook page or on your closest HyperBowling center's page (being a Fan would give you the advantage to be the first to know when will be the next HyperParty, so smash that Like button), and join the Party!

How it works!

  • Hit The Target!
  • Colorful Targets are Multipliers
  • Each Pin Knocked Down = 100
  • Multiplier x (pins hit x 100) = score
  • "3x" x (9pins x 100) = 2700
  • Beware of FOULS. Throw too hard or too fast and it's a ZERO
  • Hit Anything Red and your Score is ZERO
  • Master the Challenges and Level Up!

Four fun and exciting games to choose from.

Play once and you're hooked!