What is HyperBowling?

HyperBowling is a revolutionary new way to bowl! This living, interactive experience is like playing a physical video game on the lane.

Every ball is different and there are new challenges every turn. Hit the colorful moving targets to increase your score! The lights change, the levels change, and with one single ball, the winners change! HyperBowling is exciting and fast-paced fun that let’s everyone get in on the game!

Grab your friends, neighbors or co-workers and see what all the hype’s about. Whether you are looking for a fun date night or a unique way to compete, complete with bragging rights, with HyperBowling you will be a big winner. You can choose from one of four all-new HyperBowling games; HyperBowl, HyperBowl Pro, HyperActive, and HyperSquad! Pick your favorite, or play them all…you’re in control!

So how does HyperBowling work?

  • Roll the ball and hit a colored target on the lane!
  • Colorful Targets are Multipliers
  • Each pin down is worth 100 points!  (This is where the multipliers really come in handy! So a 3X mulitipler and 9 pins down is 2700 points!)
  • Avoid anything RED 
  • Accumulate enough points and unlock more challenging levels! 
  • Four unique and challenging games to choose from.
  • Play once and you're hooked!