Dear Santa

It's Marco again, I haven't wrote you for a while, you know, growing up and stuff. Also writing to you on a paper towel is not the best, but I'm writing to you from a bowling center with HyperBowling lanes in my town. This place is so festive with all the decorations, the LED lights and the sound of pins crashing which made me think of the holiday spirit.

MArco Dear Santa.png

I'm not asking for a new shirt or a phone (although that would be cool, as mine is already quite dated). This year, I'm hoping for something that I think would make a lot of people happier.

You see, every time I'm here at the HyperBowling center, I'm surrounded by friends, and other people, making the space full of laughter and human voices. And I've realized something important – it's the connections we make and cultivate that truly matter. I watched the nearby lanes' groups being excited for the game with all the cheers, even when losing, a happy quality time that made me think of this wish.

My desire this Christmas is for everyone to feel that sense of being part of a community. Whether it's a bowling team, a book club, or just a group of friends hanging out, I hope everyone finds their tribe.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with joy, friendship, and maybe a few more HyperStrikes.

Warm regards,