One ball can change it all.

All right we did it. We threw two epic HyperParties and it’s only the beginning.

QubicaAMF joined forces with HeadPinz, in Fort Myers, Florida, and with Sun Valley Lanes in Lincoln, Nebraska, actually the two first centers ever to have upgraded to HyperBowling, to launch the first HyperParty!

HyperBowling was introduced to thousands local community members with a personal invitation to the event plus local, and international Food and Beverage companies (like Sysco Foods, Budweiser and many other) were involved to represent their brands and to learn more about HyperBowling.

Prior to the event in Sun Valley Lanes, owner, John Losito released an exclusive interview to the Lincoln Journal Star with an article that appeared in the paper. And what about the TV? Well on the night of the event, local CBS affiliate 10/11 were on hand with a live feed remote - the story was shared on their online channels, and the segment appeared again on the morning show where the hosts discussed the event.


HyperParty is ment to introduce the all-new bowling experience to the involved centers local communities, but it also is a taste of what being part of HyperBowling community is. We wanted people to come to our Party, bring their friends, fiancés, oh and why not their Bosses so that they can learn how HyperBowling is a challenge everybody can accept, have fun with it and play it to win! (#BeatYourBossAtHyperBowling challenge accepted!)

When the excitement was high, we randomly selected four to six contestants that were given a chance in the HyperChallenge where the competition went tight till the very last round. Emmet Frank and Caitlyn Williams came out victorious winning the grand prize and the title of HyperChallenge Champions!

Our guests went away after two hours of fun with HyperBowling swag and with the promise, they’ll have even more fun when they come back for more Hype!

The events were covered by the centers’ live streams reaching over 25k views.