Zombies vs. Vampires: A Spooky Showdown for Halloween Fun!

Halloween wouldn't be complete without the age-old debate: Zombies or Vampires?  How do you determine the champions of this eerie competition?

Fear not, for we've got the ultimate solution – a HyperSquad challenge that will not only settle the score but also decide who foots the bill for the night: the bloodsuckers or the braineaters!

Step 1: Choose Your Side

Gather your fellow Halloween enthusiasts, friends, colleagues, family, literally anyone, and take sides. Will you be Team Vampire or Team Zombie? It's time to channel your inner Edward Cullens or embrace your undead spirit.

Step 2: Book Your HyperBowling Lane

Find a HyperBowling center near you and reserve a lane for your HyperSquad challenge. Make sure to check for availability, as Halloween can get pretty busy.

Step 3: Define the Prize

What's at stake for the winners? Will it be a round of drinks, or perhaps a tantalizing Treat Mystery Box that you'll all put together? Decide on the sweet reward that awaits the victorious team.

You're all set for a spooktacular night of Trick or Treats on the lanes.


Pro Tip #1:  Got a massive group? Want to ensure your best players make it to the final HyperSquad round? Organize a pre-selection competition by playing other HyperBowl or HyperBowl Pro games to see who scores the highest. May the most skillful and spirited survivors prevail!

Pro Tip #2: If you're indulging in a game of Wherevolves and emerge victorious, don't forget the grand finale. Gather your pack and let out a spine-chilling howl in unison, celebrating your Halloween triumph!

So, whether you're craving the thrill of the undead or the allure of the night, this Zombies vs. Vampires showdown is your ticket to Halloween excitement. Get ready to play, howl, and make memories that will haunt you for years to come!