HyperMatch – Mingle as You HyperBowl

Combine the adrenaline rush of HyperBowling with the delightful uncertainty of speed dating: Welcome to HyperMatch, where love might just roll a strike through a game-changing HyperGame. HyperMatch is a fresh, exciting alternative for singles in search of intriguing potential matches. We've seamlessly merged speed dating's essence with the lively setting of our HyperBowling lanes, ensuring every meet is not just an interaction but an experience.

The Setup: Consider an event for, say, 10 participants. (The number can vary, but it’s crucial to have an even count and sufficient hyper lanes for the optimal HyperMatch experience.)

Round 1: HyperBowl Interaction

Begin the evening with two randomly paired participants sharing a lane. This game offers them the perfect window to chat, observe reactions to wins or losses, and generally gauge their initial vibes. Upon game completion, one player from each lane moves one lane to the right, while the other transitions left after the subsequent game round.

Round 2: Dive Deeper with HyperPro

Next up is the more challenging HyperPro game. It's not just a game; it's an opportunity. Participants delve deeper, understanding competitive spirits, reactions to challenges, and building rapport.

Scoring the HyperMeetings

Every participant is equipped with a HyperMeeting score sheet, complete with name fields and rating scales for each opponent encountered. This fun scoring system provides a light-hearted yet effective way to measure initial connections.

Connecting Beyond the Lanes

After the exhilaration of gameplay, shared laughter, and intriguing conversations, it’s evident that HyperMatch isn’t just an event; it’s a connection catalyst. Once both rounds conclude, event organizers collect and match score cards. Only matched interests receive shared contact information, ensuring mutual interest:

  • Zing!: When both mark "I would date" or above, it's a romantic match!
  • Budding Bonds: If both choose "friends only", they've found a potential new friend.
  • Privacy Priority: A "not my type" from either side ensures no contact info is exchanged.

The Zing Perk Felt the Zing? The lanes beckon you back! Revisit the same center for your next date and toast your connection with a special Zing cocktail. Or perhaps, enjoy a discounted HyperBowling round – the lanes, after all, were where it all began.

Dating night on HyperMatch hyperbowling.png