May Your Graduation be Great!


May brings such an exciting time of the year, and graduating from high school or college is an important achievement. Whether you’re graduating or one of your family or friends is graduating, you want to plan a party that’s worthy of the occasion filled with friends, food and fun. So, after you finish wiping away your tears, it’s time to get Hyped about the graduates' big day!

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Your graduation party will bring together people of all ages, and HyperBowling offers the perfect activity for everyone! Whether it’s the graduates, little sister, grandma or your embarrassing dad…Everyone can play and win! And just like your graduate’s path to this day, each ball is different and there are new challenges at every turn. It’s exciting and fast-paced, allowing people to have fun while also engaging the room to interact together and enjoy the party to the fullest.

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An added feature of HyperBowling is the global moods feature integrated with the intelligent lighting provided on the lanes.  Ask your HyperBowling center to set up the lanes with your graduates’ school colors when people arrive to show your new alumni school spirit, and provide that WOW factor that a party room or house party can’t deliver. 

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Another fun idea is to utilize the screens for a nice welcome message or to present a fun slide show during the event. Break out those #tbt photos, or maybe it’s the perfect time for the parents to pull out those hidden gems their child thought would never see the light of day. The party will be a hit, and offer a nostalgic and sentimental moment to share with close friends and family.

Set your graduation apart from the rest, and make your party stand out. Dare to be different, and blow people away with an event that they will remember forever.