How your Selfie skills can help you with HyperBowling

Years of powering up your selfie skills will make you show your best face while playing HyperBowling.


When you choose the HyperActive game for a wild and crazy competition you can also be a part of the animation on the screens. The touch screen console will invite you to show your best side, and, well you know what to do.

Years of training have taught you how to pose, how to duck face, and how to shoot a pic from a selfie stick.

Now that you're in the game (literally) focus on the FAST changing targets. Hit the right colors to multiply the pins, but watch out! If you hit the red, Buster will appear and will leave you with ZERO.

If you're lucky enough hit the 10X multiplier and strike to earn the Golden Buster.

Play once and you're hooked!