How to start winning at Bowling

Imagine challenging your friends at bowling and being actually able to compete on the same level, with everybody having fun.

HyperBowling, you don't need to be a bowler to win.jpg

You can find a bowling coach, train a lot and actually become a better bowler, why not. But if you’re an occasional bowler or a non-bowler at all, then there is still one solution for you.

Find a center with HyperBowling near you  (you can use our search tool ) and invite your friends to go there. With HyperBowling games you got the playfield leveled and fun guaranteed either you are a bowler or a non bowler. Start with HyperBowl game, a starting point of HyperBowling to start the challenge immediately at any level.

Feeling confident already with HyperBowl? Well you can level up to HyperBowl Pro for a more challenging competition.

If you want to start a team challenge that's where HyperSquad game fits perfectly. Each team will "fight" to claim more territory.

Ok ok , everybody are friends and you really don't want to "fight" against each other. So there is HyperActive which is a mix of skill and luck, where you can meet Buster, who is really hungry for scores and will do his best to steal them from you and leave you with ZERO.