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HyperBowl HyperBowl

For anyone looking for fun. HyperBowl is a great game to begin with and see just how much fun and challenging HyperBowling can be! Take aim at the colored targets on the lanes and multiply your pinfall! It may look easy at first, but watch out! Each level increases in difficulty!

HyperBowl Pro HyperBowl Pro

For those looking for something a little more challenging. HyperBowl Pro picks up where HyperBowl leaves off and features more complex targets that move and change size. The greater level of difficulty makes this game ideal for more competitive skilled players and league bowlers looking for a new challenge.

HyperSquad HyperSquad

For groups, parties and other events looking for fun team competition and prestigious bragging rights. HyperSquad is a strategic team game that is different every time! Each team uses their own strategy and skill to claim territory on the playing field and try to outplay their opponent! This game is excellent for groups looking to earn bragging rights!

HyperActive HyperActive

Great for groups, kids and a little fun competition. HyperActive is a wild and crazy game with fast changing colored targets. The combination of both skill and a little luck make this game appropriate for all audiences! Watch out for the Hyper mascot, Buster, who suddenly makes your score disappear when one of his RED targets are hit. Hit the 10X multiplier and earn the Golden Buster. HyperActive allows bowlers to become part of the onscreen animation by capturing bowler photos.